Start watching a campground

To start watching a campground for available campsites, tap the Add button at the bottom right of the home screen. From there you can search for a campground by name. Once you find the campground you are looking for, select it from the list. If you are having problems finding a campground, you can also browse for it by state and campground type by selecting the Browse Campgrounds button. 

Once you have a campground selected, select an arrival date and length of stay. Depending on the campground you can also enter additional filters such as a flexible arrival date, a loop, a site number or numbers (separated by commas), RV length, various hookups, and if pets are allowed. All of these additional filters are optional.

See more details for a campground

To see more details about a campground you are watching, tap on it on the home screen. You can then see any additional filters you have configured, the current number sites that are available, how often Campsite Alerts is checking the campground, and how long ago the last check was made.

Check a campground more often

You can greatly increase your chances of finding an available campsite by having Campsite Alerts check more often. To do this, go to the campground details page by tapping on the campground on the home screen, and then tapping the Check More Often button. From there you can select how often you'd like Campsite Alerts to check the campground.  (Note that there is a fee to have Campsite Alerts check more often, and this change only applies to this campground.)

Reserve a campsite

Once a campsite is found you will receive a notification. If the notification occurs while you are in the app, you can tap the Reserve button on the notification. If the notification happens while you are not in the app, you will receive it in your phone's notification list,. Tap on the notification to be taken to the campground details screen, and from there you can tap the Reserve button. 

Tapping the Reserve button will take you to the reservation website for the campground. From there you can reserve the available site. But act quickly, as others may be watching for the same campsites, especially at popular campgrounds!

Receive alerts via email

If you are using Campsite Alerts on a laptop or other non-mobile device, we recommend that you configure the app to send you alerts via email so that you get them in a timely manner, even when you are away from your computer.

To set up email alerts, select Settings from the menu. 

Stop watching a campground

If you no longer want to receive notifications about a campground, go to the campground details page by tapping on the campground on the home screen, and then tapping the Stop Watching button.

Register for an account

You do not have to create an account to use Campsite Alerts, but creating one has some advantages.

If you don't create an account, then the list of campgrounds you are watching will only be accessible on the phone or device you added them on. If you uninstall and reinstall the app, or open the app on another device, you will not see the same list of campgrounds that you were watching.

If you create an account, then the list of campgrounds you are watching will be available on any device the app is installed on once you sign in.

To create an account or sign in to an existing account, select Register / Sign In from the menu.

Get support

To get support for an issue you are having, please visit our Support page.