Not getting notifications

If you are not receiving notifications when campsites are found, you may not have given the Campsite Alerts app permission to post notifications. To learn how to fix this on Android,  check out Turning notification on for certain apps. If you are using the web app version of Campsite Alerts, check out Use notifications to get alerts.

Campground not supported

We apologize if a campground you are are looking for is not currently supported by Campsite Alerts. Send us a message at with details on the campground you are looking for, and we will look into adding support for it. The reason we don't include some state park campgrounds is that they either use a custom reservation system, or their reservation system actively blocks us from checking them for availability.

Reserve button not going to available campsite

If the Reserve button is not taking you directly to the campground or campsite that is available, it is due to limitations in the campground's reservation system. Some systems allow us to link directly to a campsite, some only to the campground, and a few only allow us to link the reservation system itself.

Contact us

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